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Roselle Public Library District

Library Policies

Policies are set and reviewed on a regular basis by the Board of Trustees.
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Trustee Policies9 documents

  • 1A Trustee Bylaws
    document Header 1A Trustee Bylaws
  • 1B Division of Responsibility
    document Header 1B Division of Responsibility
  • 1C Defense and Indemnification
    document Header 1C Defense and Indemnification
  • 1D Public Comment
    document Header 1D Public Comment
  • 1E Closed Session Minutes
    document Header 1E Closed Session Minutes
  • 1F Membership Expense Reimbursement
    document Header 1F Membership Expense Reimbursement
  • 1G Travel Expense Reimbursement
    document Header 1G Travel Expense Reimbursement
  • 1H Executive Director Evaluation
    document Header 1H Executive Director Evaluation
  • 1I Remote Attendance
    document Header 1I Remote Attendance

Professional Policies3 documents

  • 2A Library Bill of Rights
    document Header 2A Library Bill of Rights
  • 2B ALA Code of Ethics
    document Header 2B ALA Code of Ethics
  • 2C Intellectual Freedom
    document Header 2C Intellectual Freedom

Financial Policies7 documents

  • 3A Budget and Finance
    document Header 3A Budget and Finance
  • 3B Investment Policy
    document Header 3B Investment Policy
  • 3C Spending Authority.pdf
    document Header 3C Spending Authority.pdf
  • 3D Credit Card Account
    document Header 3D Credit Card Account
  • 3E Petty Cash
    document Header 3E Petty Cash
  • 3F Bids and Contracts
    document Header 3F Bids and Contracts
  • 3G Sponsorship Policy
    document Header 3G Sponsorship Policy

Administrative Policies9 documents

  • 4A Library Records Confidentiality
    document Header 4A Library Records Confidentiality
  • 4B Public Relations and Public Image
    document Header 4B Public Relations and Public Image
  • 4C Court-Ordered Volunteer Program
    document Header 4C Court-Ordered Volunteer Program
  • 4D Meeting Spaces
    document Header 4D Meeting Spaces
  • 4E Alcohol Sales
    document Header 4E Alcohol Sales
  • 4F Third Party Insurance Coverage
    document Header 4F Third Party Insurance Coverage
  • 4G Identity Protection
    document Header 4G Identity Protection
  • 4H Collection Drives and Ticket Sales
    document Header 4H Collection Drives and Ticket Sales
  • 4I Salary Administration
    document Header 4I Salary Administration

Collection Policies1 document

  • 5A Collection Management
    document Header 5A Collection Management

Circulation Policies3 documents

  • 6A Library Cards
    document Header 6A Library Cards
  • 6B Materials Lending
    document Header 6B Materials Lending
  • 6C Fees and Fines
    document Header 6C Fees and Fines

Safety & Security Policies8 documents

  • 7A Security System
    document Header 7A Security System
  • 7B Conduct
    document Header 7B Conduct
  • 7B(2) Code of Conduct
    document Header 7B(2) Code of Conduct
  • 7C Unaccompanied Minors
    document Header 7C Unaccompanied Minors
  • 7D Smoke Free Building
    document Header 7D Smoke Free Building
  • 7E Concealed Weapons
    document Header 7E Concealed Weapons
  • 7F Emergency Closures
    document Header 7F Emergency Closures
  • 7G Temporary Face Masks
    document Header 7G Temporary Face Masks

Library Service Policies7 documents

  • 8A Reference and Reader's Advisory
    document Header 8A Reference and Reader's Advisory
  • 8B Interlibrary Loan
    document Header 8B Interlibrary Loan
  • 8C Homebound Delivery
    document Header 8C Homebound Delivery
  • 8D Public Programs
    document Header 8D Public Programs
  • 8E Photography Video Audio Release
    document Header 8E Photography Video Audio Release
  • 8F Volunteer Program
    document Header 8F Volunteer Program
  • 8G Displays and Exhibits
    document Header 8G Displays and Exhibits

Electronic Service Policies4 documents

  • 9A Computer and Internet Use
    document Header 9A Computer and Internet Use
  • 9B Public Computers
    document Header 9B Public Computers
  • 9C 3D Printing
    document Header 9C 3D Printing
  • 9D Website User Privacy
    document Header 9D Website User Privacy

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