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Roselle Public Library District

Colors Your World

Summer Reading Program 2021
Tuesday, June 1 - Friday, August 13

Join our summer reading program to earn prizes just for reading in June, July and August! Programs are available for every age; preschool - kindergarten, school age kids, teens and adults. Sign up at rosellepld.readsquared.com and track your reading to earn prizes. You can also select eBooks available to borrow online from reading lists created by the Roselle Public Library librarians! Register for an account and / or download the READsquared mobile app at rosellepld.readsquared.com The final day to check in or reserve prizes in the online store is Friday, August 13th.

To get started, visit rosellepld.readsquared.com, contact us by phone at 630.529.1641, or email us at youthservices@rosellepld.org or reference@rosellepld.org.

Adult & Teen Summer Reading

Roselle Public Library District's summer reading program Reading Colors Your World will be available online this year. Track your reading this summer using the READsquared online tracker! Keep track of the time that you've spent reading, conveniently online, through your own READsquared account. 

Reading Colors Your World! Summer Reading for Kids

Choose to read any books you like. Read at your own pace. Keep track of the number of books that you read, or track the minutes that you spend reading, through READsquaredREADsquared is more than a log to record reading. You can complete missions to advance to your summer reading goals. There are also games! Children will also have the option of using a printed log sheet, available online to print at home, or available for pickup at the Library on request. 
Our summer reading program is available for two age groups.

Pre-K Kids (Ages 5 + Under)
Kids ages 5 and under should be registered for our Pre-K program. They will earn a point for every book they read or hear. At 100 points, they will complete the program. Begin today by signing up at READsquared.

Download PDF files for reading logs to print at home:
Reading Colors Your World! Pre-K Log

School Age Kids (Ages 5 - 11)
School age kids should register for the Kids summer reading program. They will earn a point for every minute that they spend reading. When kids earn 720 points (or spend 12 hours reading) they have completed the program. Once school age kids complete the main program, they can unlock a secret Bonus Program for a chance to win an additional prize! Begin today by signing up at READsquared.

Download PDF files for reading logs to print at home:
Reading Colors Your World! Kids Log

Reading Colors Your World! Bonus Log

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