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Read World Newspapers

Newspapers from Around the World
Read today's headlines in Gujarati, Arabic, Pashto, Croatian, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese ... and more!

Image of newspaper with caption World NewspapersWith Scholastic Go! you can access over 1,100 world newspapers in 73 languages, representing 195 countries. Just click on the World News icon at the top of every page to access newspapers and news sources from around the world.

News and current events is just one of the great features in Scholastic Go!
Scholastic GO! contains more than 115,000 articles covering every core-curriculum subject. Use the Search box for quick and easy access to a robust list of articles, images, Web Sites, and other content. On the search results page access dictionaries, world newspapers, maps and GoTube videos.

Interactive maps, dictionaries and encyclopedic information make this a resource you'll want to explore and come back to - and that's easy! All you need is your Library card and PIN!

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