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Roselle Public Library District


To ensure safety by limiting the spread of the coronavirus, all patrons (including fully vaccinated individuals) are required to wear masks and maintain proper social distancing during their visit to the Library. The RPLD Temporary Face Masks Policy has been reinstated until further notice. This policy states:

  • All patrons and visitors above the age of two (2) are required to wear face masks that adequately cover the nose and mouth at all times while making use of Library facilities and services. Patrons under the age of two (2) should still be closely monitored by their parent/guardian/caregiver at all times while in the Library.
  • Any patron or visitor who cannot medically tolerate wearing a face mask will be provided reasonable accommodation outside of the library building, through curbside pickup or remotely over the phone or Internet, to the fullest extent of staff abilities.
  • Any patron or visitor appearing to be above the age of two (2) who enters the building without a face mask will be offered a complimentary mask to wear while using the Library and reminded of this policy and any other relevant guidelines related to public health and safety.
  • Any patron or visitor who refuses to wear a mask inside the Library will first be offered reasonable accommodation outside of the building (e.g. curbside pickup or remote assistance) and, if that is also refused, will then be asked to leave for the day.
  • Any patron or visitor who violates the Library’s Conduct Policy or Code of Conduct in the course of refusing to wear a face mask will have their Library use revoked for a period of one (1) month or longer, depending on the severity of the circumstances, by the Executive Director.

We appreciate your ongoing adherence to the library's masks policy. Safety for all individuals is our top priority. We hope the assurance that all precautions are in place make your visit to the library comfortable and outweigh any inconvenience.

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